+  Aubrie {From PA}

"As a person who has equally experimented with both conventional medicine and natural medicine in the aid and care of my lifelong journey with anxiety and depression. The medicinal essential oils, teas + dietary regimen Jen put together for me have changed my life. These gifts have become the true medicine for my soul.
Having these issues has been difficult as it has been a very private battle, but Jen's knowledge and warmth have been a welcomed, invaluable addition to my life. I have seen and felt real results in a much shorter time than with conventional Western Medicine, the process has been gentler and more nurturing than anything I've experienced before.
She pays attention to what I want and need, she has a true intuitive gift - helping me fulfill my core desires for myself and my lifestyle in the face of chronic anxiety. I could not get this from conventional medicine as it always felt cold. I wanted a way to honor, cultivate and nourish my feminine spirit and core beliefs. My ultimate desire was to get in touch with the real me and accept myself. Jen's personalized healing care got me more in touch with who I really am and has taught me the importance of nurturing when healing.
It has been a joy to ride the wave of this transformative journey with her by my side as a guide, healer and gifted touchstone. The people closest to me have seen my shift after working with Jen and I couldn't have done it without her guidance. I feel lighter, more autonomous and stronger! I am a Barlume lifer!"   

+  Jo {From NY}

"After nearly 25 yrs. of suffering with debilitating migraines, I’m thrilled to say that I have now been working with Jen on a healthy diet in conjunction with an essential oil regiment. I can now say that I am nearly migraine free!!

Like most migraine patients, I have experimented with every conventional medicinal remedy offered by the medical society. Pills, injections, acupuncture and even Botox injections directly into the head. Some procedures did offer short term relief or reduced severity, but it wasn’t until I began working with Jen that I finally achieved a permanent and long lasting solution. I was always aware that diet played an instrumental role in averting a migraine. Sugars, chocolate and caffeine were standard items to avoid. Jen’s dietary coordination took these elements and further expanded on them to include the interaction of other foods that not only helped avoid migraines, but developed a menu that actually worked to prevent my migraine from occurring. Along with this new dietary regimen, Jen put together a list of essential oils that worked together with, and helped promote the benefit of the food choices, thereby significantly reducing and almost completely eliminating my migraines.

While I still get an occasional migraine, my life has significantly changed thanks to Jen’s help. I can’t thank her enough!"


"I was trying to get pregnant and visited a fertility specialist; I was diagnosed with PCOS (poly cystic ovary syndrome) - a hormonal imbalance with mysterious causes.  I turned to Jen when I realized I would have to deal with this in a holistic manner - she had previously helped my husband and I deal with sleep problems, and I knew she could help.

Jen reviewed my diagnosis and symptoms, and prescribed a series of herbal tinctures and essential oils.  Six months later, my cycle had been totally changed, from 38-45 days in length to 28-30.  I was ovulating regularly.  We were pregnant with very little intervention from a fertility specialist (all we needed was an IUI, no drugs or hormones).  Our son is now an incredibly healthy 15 month old!  We are so thankful to Jen for her help, it's the absolute best outcome we could have imagined!" 


+  Annie {From SC}

"I was drawn to trying essential oils through getting to know Jen. The first time we met I immediately noticed the scents she was wearing and commented on her perfume. Her perfume, she explained, was a layering of different essential oils she wore and each had a particular purpose. Her gentle approach and non preachiness gave me the space to be open to the power of essential oils. Dealing with lifelong depression stemming from a history of sexual abuse made it hard for me to open up to people and fully communicate my feelings. So when Jen started me on my essential oil regime, she included Mimosa which has qualities that include anxiety, nervous complaints and old memories addressed. I honestly didn't have much hope that it'll necessarily work but really wished it would. Jen and I would follow up periodically and she would ask me how things were going and I remember explaining how my partner and I were progressing and having breakthroughs in counseling and I remember her saying excitedly that the 'oils were working!' 

So whether or not you believe in essential oils or think it's hokey, it was a really worthwhile experience for me. It gave me the boost to seek more help and to communicate more than I ever have been able to. Jen above all things is a great listener and it helps that she's super knowledgeable about plant medicine and helping others."